Songs from the inside (2011-06)

Paroles et musique : Paul GOSSART

01 - Shoot the shrimp

On a green land of grass,

I do with a shrimp a face to face

Gotta take her in the head,

With a bow and my gelified hair,

A shrimp without sand,

I don't understand,

I starr at pink,

But it's a man that I see there,

On a green land of grass,

I talk 'bout shrimps with my guests,

I ask 'em what do you see there ?

"It's a shrimp as in the name of the game !"

02 - Songs from the inside

Songs from the inside

Kinda hard to write,

I'd love to have,

A mind more styled,

But it is sad, drowned, blue

What do you think you would do,

With a so depressed thought,

Songs from the hillside,

Are so easy to write,

Don't need a kinda sharp knife,

And a triturate mind,

But it is sad, drowned, blue,

Can't find a highly thought now,

Just dig some more to find a clue,

Songs from the graveside,

Kinda useless, don't you find ?

I don't need anybody now,

To hear me cry,

03 - Starving winds

On the field of starving winds,

Can you feel the smelty grass ?

Can you hear the shiny glass,

Falling on my heart ?

There's a kind of kinky star,

I think I've met her in a sky,

Where no man has come at last..

It's near the spine-all-mills,

The wings are quite unreal,

The girl is on a hill,

And I'm down a tree..

The sun have shown his light,

The night is far way back,

Can you touch her flying hair ?

It's kinda birdy style,

I think an angel smoked my heart,

Or is it me or have I tried,

To see in her eyes ?

04 - Smoked Moon

Breathe the air, poisoning your health,

Look at the sky, it's dark and clouds,

But I can see a light somewhere :

Smoked moon, Jupiter moves,

Revelations of the bloom (/blue),

God of the ancient soulds,

Forms of unknown places,

It's a new land I'm seeing there,

Strange ghosts and sad creatures from hell..

05 - Human Animality

I sleep somedays,

Or maybe I try to leave,

The ceiling I face,

I eat sometimes,

Or maybe I must say lunch,

It's even set on times..

So many words to say,

That I wanna be something else,

Than a fucking bloody helly yeah,

Animal-mind instead !

I love some girls,

And what's a one-night-stand ?

Both have the same lovestyle,

I love this girl,

But why I should hesitate,

If it's wrong : An idea to burn...

06 - Entracte


07 - Endless rain

Endless rain,

Starts and make things growing,

Sad weather for ones, hopeful as a wind,

Everything's gonna bring something new,

'Till the sun comes again,

Oh this endless rain ..

Endless rain,

Follow the waves on the ground,

Sad people who have lost all they got,

Everything's gonna bring nothing new,

The sun would surely sleep again,

Oh this endless rain...

Endless rain,

My hopes are far away now,

I can't believe in any other god,

Only the one who brings me down,

What a strange prayor the love of the light on an endless ground,

Oh this endless ground !

08 - Desperate sea

Wild gray fishes on the wind,

Across my woody little ship,

Nobody else would sail with me,

'Cause here's the desperate sea,

Through the storms and the rain my old sailor's cap is all wet,

But nothing else would fit to my head and I keep goin' along the desperate sea,

And I keep goin'...

Then About for six days of hungry,

I saw a different fish out of the stream,

It wears a shiny dress I guess (it's a she),

She drags a light behind which leads me,

Seventh day I see an earth,

This fish gives me warmth,

Behind me is now the desperate sea,

A new world and a hope, in my heart,

In my heart..

09 - Hold on

Hold on, take a seat,

And tell me, what you did,

Let me show you seas,

That you would have never seen,

I don't know, I would know,

I hear inside, a guy says "no",

He said "to win against the no",

But I can't remember his last show,

Come on, fix the thing,

The end is far away, you should trust me,

Are you thirsty, want a drink ?

I've got some things here, for you to leave,

I don't know, I would know,

I hear inside, a guy says "no",

He said "to win against the no",

But I can't remember his last show,

Calm down, have a trip,

The words you're sayin',

I'm not sure it means,

You could be feeling so worried, to be so lost as on a cliff,

I don't know, I would know,

I hear inside, a guy says "no",

He said "to win against the no",

He said "Future man, that's what I mean !"

10 - Scared of a life

I'm bored of a life,

No doubt there's no other try,

All I can do is to get the skies,

All I can use is what I'll find,

I'm ashamed of those guys who follow anything while you drug'em,

Why do they smile when they're sane ?

Maybe they can't learn and it's too late,

I'm scared of a life,

No one to give me bright,

All I can do is to wait a sign,

All I've found was only standardized,

Why am I sitting on a chair,

And write some words to sing in the air,

Maybe I believe that it would be fair,

To say my last prayor before the end..

11 - Man on the moon

Man on the moon (bis)

Is there somethin' around ?

Man on the moon (bis)

Is there anyone there ?

I need to be alone,

When they show I'm wrong,

I need to meet some people,

When they're not around,

Man on the moon (bis)

Is there anyone there ?

Man on the moon (bis)

Is there somethin' around ?

I need to see the light balls,

When I'm far of town,

I run away through the window,

Nothing can stop me now !